How is Amg Agro coconut oil better than other similar products in the market?

Amg Agro collection, extraction, and manufacturing process of coconut oil is based on the traditional methods of oil production in Kerala. This means that Gramco oil is 100% pure, and natural. Manufactured in the most hygienic environment that eliminates any form of contamination and adulteration, our products are highly beneficial and healthy for cooking and use on skin and hair. Our mechanised packaging process also minimises any impurities.

Can Amg Agro coconut oil be used for cooking purposes and also for application on skin and hair?

Yes. Amg Agro coconut oil is 100% pure and natural and goes through a hygienic manufacturing process, that makes it suitable for both cooking purposes as well as application on skin and hair providing overall health benefit.

How soon can i receive the Amg Agro products if I order online?

We have a quick delivery policy. Your orders anywhere in India, will be fulfilled within 2 working days.

Are Amg Agro products available in shops and stores too?

Yes. we are in the process of expansion. Presently, Amg Agro products are available online as well as selected stores across Kerala. Very soon, they would be available to all customers through shops and local stores near them, anywhere in the country.

What can i do, if I am unsatisfied with the product?

At Amg Agro, we prioritise the needs and satisfaction of our customers. If unsatisfied with the product or if you have any complaints regarding the quality of our product you can reach our customer care at:  +91 9496969640 or write to us at: