“Promising purity in every drop”; Amg Agro stands by this promise and delivers it with every single product that rolls out of our manufacturing plant. Amg Agro was established with the vision to deliver pure, unadulterated, and healthy coconut oil to consumers. With our unique manufacturing process, we deliver clean and hygienic coconut oil for the consumer for daily use. Our manufacturing unit at Iritty, Kannur, ensures that the entire manufacturing process is uncontaminated and the end product is delivered to the consumer in the purest form for consumption. The raw coconut used in producing Amg Agro coconut oil is procured from the farmers in Kasargode and Kannur. These raw coconuts are dried in natural sunlight in our unit and converted to Copra or dried kernels, using conventional methods. Without adding any adulterants or artificial additives like sulphur, we convert the copra to oil of the purest form in our manufacturing unit. Throughout the process, we utilize the ultra-modern technology and the latest machinery that aid us in manufacturing. The two-stage filtering process ensures that the coconut oil thus manufactured is clean and without any impurities.

Amg Agro ’s vision of Purity extends to the end consumer of our products. On the other hand, our vision of Sustenance goes back to our procurement process. The raw product for our manufacturing process comes from the small farms in the districts of Kasargode and Kannur. Here we consistently rely on these farmers for our supply, enabling them with continued income, growth opportunities, and the introduction of cost-effective and newer means of farming. This helps us not only in continuous supply at all times but also helps the local farming community grow.

Our purity and superior quality stand out in the market and in the consumer’s mind. Amg Agro is growing by leaps and bounds and today, is ready to deliver our finished products anywhere in the country with our distribution network spread far and wide.


For Good Health

Contrary to popular belief that coconut oil creates cholesterol; a good quality coconut oil break- downs the bad cholesterol & increases good cholesterol. To keep our customers healthy and happy, we make sure Amg Agro coconut oil is 100% pure and unaltered during its production. Moreover, Amg Agro coconut oil is brimmed with saturated fat which improves the functioning of brain, bone development and prevents hair loss.

Beauty & Protection

Using coconut oil for hair protection and beautification is no secret and has been utilized since old times. For better hair protection and natural beauty make Amg Agro coconut oil a habit and make the power of tradition yours.

Better Taste, Better Life

Coconut oil is a staple in every Malayali’s kitchen and Amg Agro cocnut oil is specifically made to give you that traditional taste we are familiar with. High-end machines are used during the production stage to ensure quality, natural taste and smell for your dishes.

Rich with Energy

Amg Agro organic coconut oil has an ample amount of fatty acid that can revitalize your body. This gives you enough energy to excel in your day-to-day activities while not compromising on anything.